Pictures of some of our riders at various events. Cross-country, dressage, show-jumping—we are always looking for more riders! Please note that all pictures on this site are copyright Hilltop Stables or the specific photographers indicated with each image.
DSC_0007 copy

Emma and Puffin

DSC_0009 copy

Lindsey and Bailey

DSC_0014 copy

Haley and Simon

DSC_0102 copy

Leyton wows the crowd

DSC_0106 copy

Leyton knows he wow'd the crowd...

DSC_0157 copy

Eleanor x-country with Captain

DSC_0199 copy

Eleanor knows what work is.

DSC_0209 copy

Amna and Tim

DSC_0217 copy

Always wear armor.

DSC_0289 copy

Janice rides dressage.

DSC_0319 copy

Bailey gets a walk

DSC_0352 copy

"And how did your test go?"

DSC_0353 copy

Sam and Buddy

DSC_0375 copy

Haley and Simon play in the water

DSC_0388 copy

Haley's new air vest

DSC_0416 copy

Sam prepares for a jumping round

DSC_0448 copy

Dressage tests are fun!

DSC_0481 copy

Cleaning tack never ends...

DSC_0483 copy

Nor does cleaning boots!

DSC_0485 copy

PJ's are great for protecting clean breeches

DSC_0492 copy

Sylvia and her retinue

DSC_0505 copy

Ready to win!

DSC_0552 copy

Lindsey jumping Captain

DSC_0565 copy

Sylvia jumping Ozzy

DSC_0566 copy

Sylvia and Ozzy prepare for cross country

DSC_0604 copy

Eleanor can't decide which horse to ride

DSC_0643 copy

Eleanor and Captain dressage

DSC_0645 copy

Pluto likes to tease

DSC_0675 copy

Lindsey prepares for cross country

DSC_0676 copy


DSC_0684 copy

A horse can't carry *this* many

DSC_0801 copy

Eleanor and Rusty play in the water

IMG_0080 copy

The Three Horseketeers


Haley and Lindsey, Fresno Horse Park


Haley riding Olive, Fresno Horse Park


Even horses can do selfies!


Mane braiding at Twin Rivers.


Leyton and Haley with Simon.


Hurray Leyton!